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Action For Justice

“Action For Justice” is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), (Registered Charity No 852) which is dedicated to social justice. The Organisation was founded in 2014 with a mandate to educate, empower and advocate. In this regard, Action for Justice (AcJust) is committed to raising awareness of inequalities and injustices that exist in the world today and advocating for change and empowerment on behalf of the voiceless to the benefit of the society. Action for Justice is therefore committed to providing a platform to address social injustice and contribute to improving the quality of life for children, youth and other target groups. Volunteerism with this organisation would be more suited to students studying Social Work, Psychology and Management.


Activities Required
Sharing the Child Protection message with all Primary and Secondary Schools.
Organising awareness activities like seminars/workshops
Parent Education
Project Proposal development and writing
Support for running a Thrift Shop
General support to the Child Protection programme
Development and distribution of materials for sensitisation and advocacy

Contact Information

Main Contact
Rev. Anne "Sonia" Hamilton-Cutting
Phone 2