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Annu Institute

The Annu Institute Inc. for human growth and development is a registered a not-for-profit organisation (No. 11198). The Institute conducts cultural, family and constituency empowerment and outreach programs and projects. Some of the projects include Culture & History Star Citizenship; Rites of Passage Project, Community Development Self Improvement Study Groups; Mobile Community Cinemas, Community Workshops and Lecturers on Healthy Living. (Adopting healthy physical and mental lifestyles and establishing community wellness programmes). Fundraisers include community First Fruits PANA FEST ( An African cultural community festival). Some workshops also include, Assault management/self defense, and the importance of a strong family to society. They were established as a transforming presence, to maximize the human potential. The Institute has partnered with agencies such as the Barbados Ministry of Health; Community Development Department, National Cultural Foundation, the Barbados Defense Force and the Barbados Council for the Disabled. The Institute caters to people of all ages in all cycles of life .



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Accounting & Book keeping Admin & Office Management Database Management Fundraising & Sponsorship Graphic & Publishing of promotional material Literacy & Numeracy for children in primary school Research & Development Social Media specialist Vacation camp counselors Website Designer
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Annu Institute
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"Clarissaville" 126 Seaclusion Road, Atlantic Shores, Christ Church