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Archives Department

The Archives Department identifies, select and preserve public and private records which has historical value. The department is divided into five sections, these being Administration, Conservation and Preservation, User Services, Records Management, and Digitization Unit. The Conservation and Preservation Unit is responsible for the restoration of documents and ensuring that good atmospheric conditions are maintained, and the implementation of a pest management program. The Records Management Section is responsible for providing technical advice to Ministries, Departments and Agencies on managing their records. User services involves assisting researchers in the Reading Room with research queries, conducting workshops and tours. The Digitization Unit was recently established. Within this unit archival records are being scanned and digitized.


Activities Required
There are two ongoing projects. The first is a database of all persons who have lived in Barbados from 1627 to present. This involves researching historical documents for this information and entering in a database. The second project is the digitization of family history records. These records, Indexes of Baptisms, Marriages, Burials and death have to be typed into a spreadsheet. Data entry in our Archival Database WebGENCAT. Other activities involve the listing and sorting of records, and creating inventories of archival collections. Assistance will be needed with our Genealogy Market Places 2020 events. These will be held in each parish. Work at these events would include manning of booths and assisting the public. Volunteers will be trained.

Contact Information

Main Contact
Mrs. Ingrid Thompson (Chief Archivist)
Phone 2