Barbados Entrepreneurship Foundation Inc.

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Barbados Entrepreneurship Foundation Inc.

The goal of the BEF is to support the development of the country’s entrepreneurial environment and to make Barbados the Entrepreneur’s Island by 2020. To see Barbados transformed into the #1 Entrepreneurial Hub in the World by 2020. The activities of the BEF are organized around 5 Pillars with appointees to each Pillar as Project Champions. The Project Champions have responsibility for developing and executing projects in relation to the goals of each Pillar. (Registered Non-Profit Org. No. 34316, dd. 2010-12-06).

Nature of Activity:

Administrative project management assistance in secondary schools i.e. planning, participation in stakeholder sessions and engagement activities.
Administrative duties: Database/Training sessions/Coordinate ceremonies/Write reports. Go to stake holder meetings.
We would like to have students who would be able to assist in the following areas:
Administrative work – 2 students
Social Media Management – 1 student
PR & Marketing – 1 student

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    Ms. Sophia Lisk Celeste Foster

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