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Barbados Youth Development Council

As the umbrella organisation for youth organizations across Barbados, we are a dynamic youth-led organization which advocates for, addresses the needs of and facilitates the development of all young people by harnessing their talents, creating empowering programmes and establishing strategic alliances with government, civil society and the private sector. At the core of our vision and mission is a commitment to service integrity, commitment to youth empowerment and professionalism. We aim to conduct research to document areas of interest and concern, to develop a plan of action which embraces and enhances all aspects of psycho-social development for youth and to encourage exchange and collaboration with all stakeholders locally, regionally and internationally. 

The Barbados Youth Development Council aims to:

  1. Unite all young people by promoting collaboration among young people and working in partnership with state and non- state actors;
  2. Empower the young people of Barbados, without distinction of race, ethnic origin, caste, colour, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, special needs, socio-economic status, marital status, language, religious belief or political opinion;
  3. Promote the implementation of youth mainstreaming as a multi-sectoral approach to youth development;
  4. Stand as a national platform that supports and advocates for an enabling environment that facilitates the active participation and influence of young people in decision-making processes, and the consideration of youth-specific needs in all policy areas;
  5. To assist in the formulation, implementation and evaluation of government policy regarding youth;
  6. Promote social cohesiveness, volunteerism, national consciousness and patriotism among youth;
  7. Encourage and foster positive values among youth and youth organisations;
  8. Strengthen and organize youth networks and improve the sustainability of youth organizations;
  9. Promote active youth participation in the economic, social, political, educational and cultural progress of Barbados; and
  10. To encourage the exchange of ideas and improve the relationships with other groups, clubs, organisations, associations or institutions locally, regionally and internationally.

Volunteer students may be placed in the following areas:

  1. Digital and Online Management: Photography, Videography, Video Editing, Podcast Development, Social Media Management, Web Development (Web Design and Web Analysis), Database Management, and Graphic Design, for example.
  2. Policy and advocacy: creation of advocacy campaigns, policy research, survey design and analysis. 
  3. Community Engagement: community walkthroughs, facilitating forums and discussions. 
  4. Programme Development and Management: proposal and grant writing, fundraising, project design, think tanks. 
  5. Event Coordination:  Event Planning and hosting

Volunteers may undergo training to aid their personal and professional development in areas such as: 

  1. Digital Marketing 
  2. Proposal and grant writing
  3. Policy and Advocacy training 
  4. Public Speaking
  5. Marketing / Advertising

In addition to other areas which allow for them to fulfil their role with the organisation. 

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