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Because of Jenna Trust

Because of Jenna Trust is a registered charity dedicated to easing the suffering of children with severe disabilities in Barbados and improving their quality of life. It was founded in memory of Jenna Leigh Clarke, the 11-year-old daughter of Garry and Anna Clarke, who died on December 1, 2001. The registered Charity (#578) was established on January 26, 2004.

The Trust raises funds through fundraising events and personal and corporate donations and uses these funds to help pay for the special treatments, equipment and supplies needed by severely brain-injured children including wheelchairs, orthopedic surgeries, medication, school fees, transportation, a year-round pamper drive, a home therapy program as well as other necessary tests such as MRI’s, CAT scans and X-rays and a Respite Centre, known as the Because of Jenna Respite Centre to serve as a day care for the kids who will be otherwise at home and provide ad hoc physiotherapy, occupational therapy, socialization activities, community inclusion. The Trust also works to create public awareness of the plight of these children and their families with advocacy initiatives and outreach.


Activities Required
As charity we have a very strict safeguarding policy with particular focus on children and young people especially vulnerable because of their disabilities and at risk from certain forms of violence, harm, abuse, exploitation, or any other form of violence therefore the volunteers we require won't have direct contact with the children.
We will require instead volunteers in social media & e-marketing, who will enjoy creating inspiring content and looking to join a dynamic results-driven charity, The volunteers will help on the production of content for social media, emarketing and website with case studies or writing blogs and news stories, social media posts, website articles, graphics and short films. A flair for design would be very useful in this role. They will work under the supervision of the Board of Trustees and the Trust administrator.

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Paola Bottaro Hariramani

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Because of Jenna Trust - Registered Charity #578, 6B The Palisades, Enterprise, Christ Church, Barbados