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Boardhouse Productions

The "Introduction to Film and Video Production with Photography" course is a comprehensive program designed to equip participants
with essential skills in filmmaking and photography. It comprisestwelve modules covering various aspects of production:
Visual Storytelling: Understanding narrative structures and analyzing films.

Camera Operation and Photography Basics: Learning about different camera types and exposure fundamentals.
Lighting Principles: Exploring natural and artificial lighting setups.

Audio Recording: Understanding the importance of audio and techniques for recording.
Video Editing Basics: Introduction to editing software and basic editing techniques.
Advanced Editing Techniques: Delving into color correction, effects, and sound editing.
Cinematography and Camera Movement: Understanding shot types, camera movements, and composition techniques.
Pre-production and Planning: Learning about scriptwriting, storyboarding, and pre-production logistics.
Production Management and Collaboration: Understanding roles on set and fostering communication among the crew.
Film Analysis and Critique: Developing critical analysis skills by analyzing and critiquing films.
Industry Overview and Career Paths: Exploring different career options and building a professional portfolio.
Final Project Presentation: Presenting final projects, reflecting on personal growth, and receiving feedback.

The course emphasizes hands-on experience with assignments and projects to reinforce theoretical concepts. Additionally, guest
speakers from the industry will provide insights and real-world experiences.


Activities Required
The students will be tasked with completing the following 12
modules for the duration of their time with Boardhouse Productions;
Introduction to Film and Video Production with Photography
Module 1: Fundamentals of Visual Storytelling
Understanding the basics of storytelling through visuals
Introduction to narrative structures
Analysis of iconic films and videos for storytelling techniques
Assignment: Short film analysis and presentation
Module 2: Camera Operation and Photography Basics
Introduction to different types of cameras (DSLRs, mirrorless,
cinema cameras)
Camera anatomy and functions
Fundamentals of exposure: aperture, shutter speed, ISO
Composition techniques in photography
Assignment: Photo shoot with emphasis on composition and
exposure control
Module 3: Lighting Principles
Understanding natural and artificial lighting
Types of lighting equipment: continuous, strobes, LED panels
Lighting setups for different scenarios (indoor, outdoor, studio)
Introduction to lighting modifiers
Assignment: Lighting setup and execution for a short video scene
Module 4: Audio Recording
Importance of audio in video production
Types of microphones and their applications
Techniques for capturing clear and high-quality audio
Introduction to audio recording equipment and software
Assignment: Recording clean audio for a short film scene

Module 5: Video Editing Basics
Introduction to video editing software (e.g., Adobe Premiere Pro,
Final Cut Pro)
Understanding the editing workspace and tools
Importing and organizing footage
Basic editing techniques: cutting, trimming, transitions
Assignment: Editing a sequence from the provided footage
Module 6: Advanced Editing Techniques
Color correction and grading
Adding visual effects and graphics
Sound editing and mixing
Exporting and sharing your final project
Assignment: Final project - editing a short film incorporating all
learned techniques
Module 7: Cinematography and Camera Movement
Understanding different shot types and their purposes
Camera movement techniques: dolly, crane, handheld
Introduction to camera stabilization devices (tripods, gimbals)
Composition techniques for dynamic shots
Assignment: Filming a short sequence focusing on camera
movement and composition
Module 8: Pre-production and Planning
Scriptwriting basics
Storyboarding and shot listing
Location scouting and permits
Casting and crewing
Assignment: Creating a pre-production package for a short film
Module 9: Production Management and Collaboration
Roles and responsibilities on set
Communication and collaboration among the crew
Time management and scheduling
Problem-solving on set
Assignment: Collaborative short film production
Module 10: Film Analysis and Critique
Critical analysis of films and videos
Understanding different genres and styles
Giving and receiving constructive feedback
Developing a critical eye for self-improvement
Assignment: Analyzing and critiquing a contemporary film or video
Module 11: Industry Overview and Career Paths
Introduction to various careers in the film and video industry

Freelancing vs. working for a production company
Networking and building a portfolio
Resources for further learning and professional development
Assignment: Career development plan and portfolio review
Module 12: Final Project Presentation
Presentation of final projects to peers and instructors
Reflection on personal growth and learning throughout the program
Q&A session and feedback exchange
Graduation ceremony
Throughout the program, practical hands-on experience will be
emphasized, with regular assignments and projects designed to
reinforce theoretical concepts and develop technical skills.
Additionally, guest speakers from the industry will be invited to
share insights and real-world experiences.
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