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Calvary Moravian Church Feeding Programme and Summer Vacation Bible School

The Calvary Moravian Church is located on Roebuck Street, Bridgetown. As a city church, it regularly confronts problems such as poverty, abuse, prostitution, gands, drugs and vagrancy. The church's social ministry has responded to these matters through Education (the Calvary Institute); Children's summer programme (a six-week Vacation Bible School); and Fedding Programme of the Church.

The Calvary Feeding Programme: History - In March 1996, the Rev. Neilson Waithe, responding to the needs of the people in the surrounding districts and shut-in members of the church, initiated the Feeding Programme. Five staff prepare meals in the kitchen of the school room annexed to the church and catered to fifty persons. The programme has expanded and now consistently provides a hot meal to an average of seventy (70) persons on Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week.

General Operations - All operations concerning the daily feeding are carried out by a staff of 14 volunteers serving as cooks, servers and cleaners. This programme runs throughout the year except in the summer where the church caters to children for the summer programme and during a two-week period after Christmas. on occassion, we provide toiletries and clothes to those in need.

Core Values - There are several values that undergrid our service in this arena of providing meals to our community. We affirm the human dignity of all people; manifest love for those we serve; provide a hot, healthy meal to those in need of such sustenance; ensure that those who we serve receive their meals in a clean, friendly, comfortable environment that enhances their self-esteem and reflects our commitment to compassionate service.

Vacation Bible School Summer Programme
This programme runs every summer for six weeks. It caters to children 3 - 6 years old.
Activities included bible study, enrichment sessions, tours, sports day, open day, picnic and volunteers social.
Children are involved in craft - craft sticks, jewellery, learning to sow, sewing, recycling articles, cushions, clothes pin bags, ceramics, plastic canvas, flower making, leather craft, decorating and painting glass and tissue paper flowers.
After VBS activities included learning to play chess, table tennis, taekwondo and line dancing, Friday- Keep fit kingdom citizens and Wednesdays- tour days.

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