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Cherry Tree Kids

Cherry Tree Kids offers a reading club and language and literacy development vacation camps for children ages 4 to 8 years old. Currently we are hosting a 6 week summer camp with the theme Explore Barbados from 18th July to 26th August, 2022. Reading games and activities and fun tours are included in our daily activities.


Activities Required
• Adhere to ALL Cherry Tree Kids Covid-19 Safety Protocols.
• Complete tasks assigned by the Director.
• Assist the Director in the daily operations of the Camp.
• Maintain the required standards and complete required tasks efficiently.
• Assist with supervising and caring for the children in your group at all times (at the clubhouse and on Tours).
• Assist in the supervision of all campers during the daily programme.
• Assist in Literacy Development activities for the children in your group.
• Follow the daily routine (timetable is flexible).
• Assist in cleaning your group room on Mornings, after lunch and on evenings after camp. This includes sweeping and mopping (disinfectant, bleach and water) the floor, wiping the chairs and tables with a cleaning cloth and disinfectant. Use the gloves provided. Empty garbage bins.
• Assist with sanitizing after your group has snack and lunch.
• Ensure that all children in your group engage in proper handwashing techniques and good hygiene practices throughout the daily routine. Especially after using the toilet, before and after meals, after changing masks and before entering the building.
• Participate in all planned activities.
• Safeguard personal property, camp equipment, and facilities.
• Assist to set up and tear down activities, guide campers orderly from one point to another on the compound, and reinforce camp rules and regulations.
• Maintain an energetic and professional demeanor when interacting with children, parents and other staff members.
• Identify and respond to campers’ behaviour issues in a prompt and positive way. No corporal punishment is to be administered. Refer all major issues to the camp Director.
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Main Contact
Terri-Ann Hopkin


Rendezvous Gardens, Christ Church, Barbados