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EKCO Nation

EKCO Nation is a registered charity that conducts various campaigns, targeting youth and families, build awareness and to educate on how Music, Social Media, and the Internet influence and impact the metal health and behaviour of youth. Our campaigns range from singular educational sessions, Curriculums (eg. HFLE for Schools), radio programs and shows, events, social media campaigns, online programs and shows, seminars and conferences. We conduct research and will be seeking to launch mentorship programs for helping students to become upstanding digital citizens, overcome social media addition, and make better choices with the music they listen to.


  • Document Educational Session Activity & Feedback
  • Manage Social Media Campaigns
  • Develop and Manage Funding Campaigns & Proposal Writing
  • Surveys & Research
  • Conduct or Assist with Educational & Awareness Sessions and Training
  • Design & Develop informational and promotional material – print, digital media etc
  • Manage website content
  • Assist with any Radio and Online Programs and Shows

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    Arnal Goslyn


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