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Great Kids Arete Limited

GREAT KIDS ARÊTE LTD is an inclusive, skilled specialized school nestling in a beautiful, quiet neighborhood in Joypa Drive, Frere Pilgrim. This establishment emerges from the need to have specialized, professionally trained Early Childhood Educators with a hunger to meet the developmental needs of EACH child aged three (18) months to – five (5) years old under the registered name of 'Great Kids Nursery & Preschool'. Great Kids Elementary is also registered catering to ages years and up. The Great Kids Early Childhood Education Curriculum has been proven to be intellectually stimulating to this age group. The blend of several leading philosophers - Fredrich Frobel, Maria Montessori, Jean Piaget, Margaret Bancroft, John Dewey, Jerome Bruner, Maria Clay, and Waldorf creates the school's core guide. The intention is to encourage exploration, freedom of motion without barriers or fear, being told: 'to stop'. We support each child's natural curiosity while building their sense of confidence, ability to discover the world, create, problem solve and learn independently.


Activities Required
Assisting teachers in a multisensory classroom setting.

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Esther Boyce
Phone 2

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#75 Joypa Drive, Christ Church