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Healthy Caribbean Coalition

The Healthy Caribbean Coalition is a civil society alliance established to combat chronic diseases (NCDs) and their associated risk factors and conditions. The HCC is a not for profit limited liability company registered in Barbados.  (Registered Non-Profit Org. No. 33961, dd. 2012-05-24).


Activities Required
Volunteers/ interns are required at the secretariat in Barbados provided they meet standard requirements for HCC volunteers. Satisfaction of these requirements is determined through an interview with prospective interns. Volunteers/ Interns at HCC are required to undertake a number of tasks including basic admin and project support which covers a wide range of activities including events planning, research and preparation of information pieces, review/editing reports, preparation of educational materials, leading on small projects and identifying activities which are aligned with their personal passions to ensure maintenance of interest and increase the likelihood of personal growth. Candidates must be intelligent, self-motivated and driven as the HCC has limited staff and micro managing of interns/ volunteers is a challenge.

Contact Information

Main Contact
Ms. Maisha Hutton


HCC Secretariat, Corner River Road & Spruce Street, St. Michael