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Human Resource Management Association of Barbados (HRMAB)

With a current membership of over 200 human resource professionals from various sectors across the island, the Association boasts the most extensive growing network of
individuals knowledgeable in all areas related to Industrial Relations, Labour Management and Human Resource Development.


Activities Required
Volunteering within HRMAB can be a rewarding experience that
provides valuable insights into the field of human resources, as well
as opportunities for personal and professional growth. Here are
some suggested activities for a student volunteer within the
1. Event Planning and Coordination:
- Assist in organizing and coordinating HR-related events,
workshops, and conferences.
- Help with logistics, participant registration, and ensuring smooth
event execution.
2. Membership Engagement:
- Reach out to association members to gather feedback and
- Assist in developing and implementing strategies to increase
member engagement.
3. Content Creation:
- Contribute to the association's newsletter, blog, or social media
- Create content related to HR trends, best practices, and industry

4. Professional Development Programs:
- Support the development and execution of professional
development programs for HR professionals.
- Assist in organizing training sessions, webinars, and mentorship
5. Networking Events:
- Help organize networking events to connect HR professionals and
create opportunities for collaboration.
- Assist in promoting events and encouraging member participation.
6. Research and Data Analysis:
- Conduct research on current HR trends, industry benchmarks, and
best practices.
- Assist in analyzing survey data to provide insights for the
7. Student Outreach and Engagement:
- Connect with students interested in HR and promote the
association's activities.
- Organize events or workshops specifically tailored for students
pursuing careers in HR.
8. Social Responsibility Initiatives:
- Work on projects that align with the association's social
responsibility goals.
- Support initiatives that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in
the workplace.
9. Technology and Innovation:
- Assist in implementing and promoting HR technology solutions.
- Stay updated on the latest HR tech trends and share insights with
association members.
10. Committee Involvement:
- Join specific committees (e.g., diversity and inclusion, education,
communication) to focus on targeted initiatives.
- Contribute actively to committee meetings and projects.
11. Professional Certification Support:
- Assist members pursuing professional HR certifications with
resources and study groups.
- Provide information on certification requirements and exam
12. Administrative Support:
- Help with administrative tasks such as managing emails,
responding to inquiries, and maintaining databases.

- Provide support during association meetings.
13. Feedback Collection:
- Gather feedback from association members on events and
programs to continuously improve offerings.
- Use feedback to make data-driven recommendations for future
Students/volunteers should communicate with the association
leadership and express their interests and skills. This will help align
volunteer activities with the association's goals while providing you
with a meaningful and fulfilling experience.
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Main Contact
Nicholas Roberts
Secondary Contact
Simone Taylor
Phone 2

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P.O. Box 372G The Valley, St George