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I Am A Girl (Barbados)

I Am A Girl, usually referred to as ‘the Community’, is a not-for-profit organization that focuses on the comprehensive development of girls, aged 5-18, through various forms of traditional and non-traditional programmes, of which they are not accustomed and heavy emphasis on mentorship through the philosophy ‘Reach One Teach One’.  Generally, we contribute to the overall growth of girls in Barbados, and the wider Caribbean, and aid in the development of those who may have been exposed to the various ills of society.  The Community’s overall objectives are as follows:

  1. To develop the awareness and interest of its members and civil society, about social, economic and environmental issues related to young girls;
  2. To encourage young girls to participate in training programmes to develop leadership skills, which would encourage further service contribution to their community;
  3. To promote the welfare of the community and its young citizens through the planning and execution of comprehensive projects and programmes geared predominantly towards young girls;
  4. To establish and maintain stronger relations with like-minded youth lead and youth focused groups, NGOs, other organizations, and the furtherance of understanding about the challenges young girls face due to inequity and inequality within society; and,
  5. To accumulate effective solutions that can be developed to influence the decision making process on areas which affect young girls.


Activities Required
Volunteer students may be placed in the following areas:

Digital and Online Management, which may include; Photography, Videography, Video Editing, Podcast Development, Social Media Management, Web Development (Web Design and Web Analysis), Database Management, and Graphic Design, for example.
Project & Programme Management, which may include; Event Planning, Event Management, and Event Hosting.
Programming Development, which may include; Proposal Writing, Fundraising, Improv and Theatre Arts, and Research (Grants and/or Programming Content).
Advocacy Development, which may include; Legal Research, Policy Research, and Advocacy Planning, for example.

Additionally, generally there are other areas, with which volunteers may undergo training, inclusive of many mentioned above, in an effort for them to support our needs may include:

Corporate Networking
Customer Service
General Administrative
Public Speaking
Telemarketing / Sales
Marketing / Advertising
General Advocacy Practices

Contact Information

Main Contact
Ms. Janece Daniel

Additional Information

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P.O. Box 392, The Valley, St. George