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J Farmers Pride

The Business is an organic farm which supplies supermarkets, hotels and restaurants. It benefits the country as it caters for specialty crops which are usually imported. The goal of the business is to help lower the import bill. This entity consists of a number of employees which are allowed the chance to to interact with chemical organic sprays and granting them the opportunity to gain hands on experience in crop production and in doing so, at an affordable price. Through the use of row covers and greenhouses which soon be purchased, one of our goals is to have a Lab which the students can utilize as a means of research as we, the company, and Barbados on a whole, move to increasing crops production, better quality products and a sustainable economy.

WhatsApp: 246-248-8351


Activities Required
Volunteers will work alongside employee as they carry out their day to day tasks. They will be assigned tasks such as seed planting, crop harvesting and investigation of disease through observation of signs and symptoms. Lastly volunteers will be asked to perform various methods which can be utilized to counteract the disease.

Contact Information

Main Contact
Alvin Griffith


Maycocks Road, Checker Hall, St. Lucy