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Junior Chamber International Barbados

Junior Chamber International (JCI) is an international non-profit organisation dedicated to uniting all sectors of society to create sustainable impact while also developing the business and managerial skills of the future leaders of our community. It has a worldwide membership of over 200,000 young active citizens aged between eighteen (18) and forty (40) drawn from 120 countries.  (Registered Charity No. 656, dd. 2006-02-08).


Activities Required
Volunteering at community/ outreach projects as required.
Assisting our Public Relations Committee with preparing our quarterly magazine and other public relations duties as assigned by the Committee.
Participation in our Peace is Possible Campaign: 

Proposed Activities: 

Peace is Possible T-Shirt Sales: Printing and selling of Peace is Possible shirts for members and the general public.
Peace is Possible Community Video: Highlighting various members of the public especially males promoting peace. This will include school children, music artistes, teachers, entrepreneurs, NGO members and so on.
Peace Raffle: Entries will be submissions of “What peace means to me?” instead of money, with weekly prizes followed by a grand prize (Open also to members).
School Assembly Visits: Visits to primary and secondary schools to promote peace.
Volunteering as a Mathematics tutor on Saturdays with our “Mathfanatix' Program** (To be confirmed whether this project will be executed in the 2019-2020 academic year. This Project officially ended in May with the children sitting the 11+ examination, and is a year-long project which runs with the academic school year. It involves the provision of free Maths lessons on Saturdays for 2 hours to students are who preparing to sit the 11+ examination). The closing ceremony was held last week to culminate the end of the program. The 2019 Board will need to determine whether it is feasible for the project to be implemented in 2020 given lack of sponsorship; therefore this is tentative at the moment.

Contact Information

Main Contact
Michael Taylor