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Office of the Head of the Public Service

The Office of the Head of Public Service is to institutionalize efficiency and effectiveness in public service administration and management, reinforce public service values and principles in order to enhance professionalism and ethics which enable public servants and public service institutions to contribute to sustainable development and improving the lives of all Barbadians .


Activities Required
This can be an insightful opportunity for students who wish to pursue a career in the public service or those who wish to pursue research in public sector management, e-governance and for
academic researchers. Student will have an opportunity to use and observe how data analytics can be used to inform policy planning and decision making.
• We intend to have the students assist in the conduct surveys of citizens’ views on their satisfaction with government programs, services and regulations to inform government business. Survey
results would be reported to individual departments together with recommended measures to be taken to improve citizen satisfaction with government services.
• The students assist in the conducting Public Servants Survey. The surveys to be conducted will help determine the state of preparedness in the public service for continuous reform and
modernisation. That is the readiness of public servants to adapt to cultural changes such as new and corrective values and principles. We will assess the core attitudes of public servants such as their motivation or satisfaction and experience of working in government departments. It is also expected to capture perceptions of a range of workplace issues and practices, including management and leadership, service delivery, employee engagement, public service values, and
unacceptable conduct.
• Students to assist with the compiling of data and analysing data.
Students will also be given the opportunity to assist with reports
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Main Contact
Zimronn Andrews
Secondary Contact
Cherise Neptune
Phone 2


Second Floor Government Headquarters Bay Street St. Michael BB14016 BARBADOS