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Olga Millar Nursery School

The Olga Millar Nursery School was officially opened in 2008 as part
of the then government's agenda to create more dedicated early
childhood education facilities across the island. The school was part
of phase two of the expansion of Nursery Education in Barbados at
that time.
The Olga Millar Nursery School is a public stand alone nursery
school in the parish of St. Philip. The learning institution is
government owned and supervised by the Ministry of Education,
Technology and Vocational Training. The trained educators at the
school use the National Curriculum Guide and the Attainment Targets
of Barbados to plan and execute lessons and activities. The
students are exposed to a variety of learning experiences and
teaching strategies using an integrated and thematic approach.
The current Principal of the school is Sonia Barker, while the
teaching staff complement includes a senior teacher, subject/
curriculum coordinator and five additional teachers.


Activities Required
Students may be required to volunteer during various in school
programs and function.
Students may be required to function as chaperones during
educational field trips.
Students may be asked to volunteer during various community
outreach and community building activities with the school and
Students may be asked to volunteer during various after school
programs and developmental activities.
Students may be involved in volunteer work centered around the
setting up of equipment and resources for various school functions
e.g., sport day, school concerts, fundraising events, Literacy Day,

African Awareness Day, Annual Sponsored Walk, Open days,
graduation etc.
Students may have opportunities to volunteer during school projects
focused on conservation and environmental protection e.g., beach
clean ups, recycling projects
Students may be asked to assist with the school's agricultural
Volunteers who are specifically trained in specialized areas may be
asked to share knowledge and information from time to time which
can support the development of students and the learning
These are just few of the areas where students may be asked to
give of their service and time.
Number of Available Spots

Contact Information

Main Contact
Angel Birch (Early Childhood Curriculum Coordinator)
Secondary Contact
Sonia Barker (Principal)
Phone 2


Farm Garden, St Philip