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RAE FOUNDATION is a charity birthed to Reach, Assist and Empower citizens and communities in Barbados. Our mandate is to identify select groups such as entrepreneurs, kids social and sports clubs and of course vulnerable households. Through mentoring, coaching, training and developing the foundation will work to identify and then uplift those in need. Our flagship program is called the Entrepreneurial Hub. The Entrepreneurial Hub will cater to small and emerging businesses. Client of Fund Access and the Trust Loan Fund are examples of small businesses we will target. The hub will provide free technical services/support for these small businesses some of which are home based. Technical services range from basic bookkeeping, marketing, information technology, human resource and general management support. This will assist the entrepreneurs and small business owners who do not themselves have the technical knowledge or the finances to pay "professionals". This will bridge the gap for them by providing basic information and guidance
that allows them to effectively manage their business.


Activities Required
Student volunteers will assist small business participants in bookkeeping, human resource, marketing, IT and other management and basic operational consulting services.
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Main Contact
Ryan Walters


11 LITTLE KENT, Christ Church