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Red Foundation

The RED Foundation is a Barbadian non-profit organization founded
by Barbados’ Cultural Ambassador, Stetson Wiltshire (Red Plastic
Bag) out of his desire to give back to the society that has endlessly
given to him and contributed to his success.
Using the African Proverb, “It takes a village” as its foundational
principle, Wiltshire and the RED Foundation team aim to help
Barbadian children thrive by creating a social community that
empowers, encourages and nurtures the youth while passing on
wisdom, customs, standards and practices synonymous to the
Barbadian culture.
Because it takes a village, The RED Foundation has partnered with
like minded agencies and groups to work towards strengthening
communities and facilitating guidance for at risk youth across the
island, and help strengthen families in need.


Activities Required
Assistance with the Mentorship Programme for at risk children - Survey
Assistance with Walk the Talk event to assist needy families
Number of Available Spots

Contact Information

Main Contact
Jennifer Hinkson
Secondary Contact
Stedson Wiltshire
Phone 2

Additional Information


106 Sabal Drive, Fortescue, St Philip