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St. Paul’s Primary School

The St. Paul's Primary School is a government-owned Institution with a role of 330 students, twenty-five teachers and ten ancillary staff.


Activities Required
To assist in the Early Childhood Department as part of the Give Back Programme.
To act as aids to the active teaching staff as well as the Principal in whatever way they require;Assist with lessons and administrative tasks.
Create worksheets to be used by the students.
Improve students’ handwriting skills e.g. letter formation, spacing, etc.
Create activities to assist with Remedial Reading
Assist students when formal lessons are being taught.

Language Arts
Composition Writing
Assisting students in recording complete sentences to
express their experiences.
Allowing students to view the elements of a given picture,
Discuss and describe the elements of the picture.
Orally express ideas generated from the picture.
Compose a story using the picture given.
Write sentences relevant to the picture given,
These will be done in small groups.
Note and recall details: identify and recall important details from pictures and
or short text excerpts.
Discuss elements of the picture or text and answer associated questions in
complete oral sentences and then in writing.
Sequence pictures and sentences to tell a story.
This will be group and individual work.
Engage in facilitating reading activities to encourage word attack skills.
Assist in exercises that promote reading readiness to decode words,
complete word shapes and use jolly phonics to enhance phonemic
Participate in and assist students with silent reading activities.
Aid in read aloud storytelling.
Encourage sight word and environmental print reading opportunities.
Demonstrate phoneme blends and engage in spelling exercises.
Number of Available Spots

Contact Information

Main Contact
Ms. Joan Collymore
Secondary Contact
Mr. Mark Clarke
Phone 2


McClean's Gap, Brittons Cross Road, St Michael