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The Barbados Boxing Association

The Barbados Boxing Association is an organisation, registered as a charity under the Charities Act, aimed to encourage, promote and regulate the sport of Boxing in Barbados and to join with other associations and organisations to do so. It is currently composed of individual, Honorary and Life members, and gyms, but recognises the importance of including and aims to include clubs, colleges, schools, & universities, as listed in its constitution. The Association has recently become engaged in a number of projects geared toward the
enrichment of its members, particularly its coaches and technical officials, with the objective of elevating the performance of its athletes many of whom are enrolled from at-risk communities. A pilot project, Gloves over Guns, will launch very soon. It features boxing and life-skills programmes offered to young men and women in selected at-risk communities as well. These intense and community-oriented programmes require the co-ordinated input from resources that, outside of a charity organisation, would be extremely costly. Our members are from diverse backgrounds and we encourage persons of all ages, gender, abilities or disabilities, ethnicities, and social origins to join us in our mandate to improve ourselves and the communities in which we live.


Activities Required
assist our Marketing and Public Relations Committee with posting of activities and featured news items to our website and social media accounts and to generally maintain the attractiveness of these accounts; assist our Membership Committee with the use of internal communication software/apps that provide efficient communication between members and leadership of the organisation; assist our Technical Officials with the set-up of the electronic scoring system used by judges at local elite and at international competitions; assist our Medical Committee with health reviews of our athletes and help our COVID-19 commission with co-ordination of activities to ensure our COVID-19 Return to Boxing and Competition protocols are followed at local or elite competitions. 

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Dr. Melissa Branford-Jones
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Kathy Harper-Hall
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Post Office Box 60 WR, Welches Road Post Office, St. Michael