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The Sojourner Foundation

The Sojourner Foundation (TSF) is a youth initiative that was registered in 2003 as a charity to become a catalyst for community cohesion. With the vision of helping communities to lead and transform their developments needs into sustainable empowerment actions, the mission of TSF is to work primarily with youth – to give persons the opportunity to be responsible for the upliftment and upkeep of their community, as a community. Under this mandate, we offer opportunities for empowerment and developing social enterprise through various programmes and projects created for and by young people with the help of strategic partnerships. Currently our programming focuses on youth empowerment through sustainable agricultural development.


Activities Required
ADMINISTRATION AND FINANCE * Assistance with budgeting, bookkeeping, updating financial system * Writing grant proposals * Preparing correspondence and filing * Project monitoring and evaluation/reporting MARKETING AND MULTIMEDIA SUPPORT * Updating website * Creating content and posting schedules for social media * Branding, labelling/packaging products * Technical multimedia support for webinars/podcasts, etc SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE * Implementing permaculture techniques * Clearing, tilling, seedling management, planting, crop maintenance, reaping, equipment maintenance, etc * Animal husbandry * Water resource management * Natural building (e.g. with bamboo, wood, mud) EDUCATION * Assistance with STEAM curriculum development and personal development programmes, lesson planning * Tutoring and mentorship * Counselling for instructors and students EVENT MANAGEMENT * Organising sponsorship for events, such as tree planting parties, treasure hunts (or other innovative activities) * Managing invitations and other correspondence * Site preparation * Hosting events and activities such as kamping trips, hiking, nature walks, farm experiences * Event reporting RESEARCH AND DATABASE MANAGEMENT * Research in all the areas of work (youth empowerment, education, sustainable agriculture, donor funding and grant writing, monitoring and evaluation, appropriate technologies, etc) * Database management - beneficiaries, members, customers, partners, donors, and other stakeholders
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Leah Clarke
Secondary Contact
Aldair Sobers (Sky)
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Kamp Deed, Turners Hall, St. Andrew