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The Substance Abuse Foundation Inc.

The Substance Abuse Foundation Inc. (SAF) is a registered charity (#372) of Barbados, established in 1996 to fight the harmful impact of illicit drugs and alcohol on the shattered lives of citizens and their families in Barbados and the wider Caribbean. The SAF is an internationally accredited health institution. Verdun House and Marina House are the projects of The SAF. Verdun House is an all-male treatment facility which can accommodate up to 45 men at a time; Marina House (opened at the end of 2015) is our all-female counterpart that can accommodate up to 17 women. Both
treatment centres offer a 90-day abstinence-based, 12 Step-oriented residential treatment programme, a second stage programme where clients live on the property and begin the process of integration back into society. Our Continuing Care is a one-year extension where clients and their families continue to access services post residential treatment. This is the period when individuals are most vulnerable to relapse. Our Wellness Clinic services provide a range of services that include: EAP programmes, Workplace Interventions, Workplace/occupational stress sessions, Grief & Loss counselling sessions, Out-patient services, Crises interventions & Trauma services, Drug testing, Family interventions, Our youth and adolescents programme fall under our Teen Intervene & Confident Me curriculum


Activities Required
Hands on field work in Social Work, Psychology, Humanities Disciplines
Supporting the clinicians in administrative tasks
Engaging with Government and NGO social services to provide
access for clients in need of support.
Conducting investigations into the legitimacy of social services
Assist with obtaining ID cards, job placements.
Marketing/Events/Communication/Business Disciplines
Assist with marketing and promotional activities.
Administrative support for events
Monitor and update the website.
Helping the team to maintain a consistent presence across the main social media channels.
Social media monitoring and content support
General administrative support
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Contact Information

Main Contact
Marietta Carrington
Secondary Contact
Allison Gotip
Phone 2

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Verdun House, Pool, St John