Entity Tutorial

Step One

Sign In using your organisation’s unique Give Back email address and password www.gov.bb/giveback

Step Two

Located in the Top right hand corner Drop Down Menu
Upload your company logo.
Fill in Company email, Company Name and Address and leave all else Blank (this form will be configured in phase 2 of development of the app coming soon!)
You can change your password here!

Step Three

Student Log
Details of students who have logged hours will appear automatically on this screen.

Ignore Sessions & Locations boxes – these will be assigned in phase 2 development of the app.

FAQ: Find answers here to frequently asked questions.

Time Logs: This is the screen you will use to verify student hours. Once the student has uploaded his/her hours of volunteering, the student’s name, date, and  hours worked, will appear here automatically.

It’s Your responsibility to check all the fields carefully first, then Verify by clicking the blue tick box – If you are uncertain about any information e.g number of hours or time started click Pending until you are sure and able to Verify.

You can sort and filter data on this page by using the filter Logs. Sort by Pending, Verified, Full time, or part time.

Copy or Print the Time logs using the TOOLS button.

Entity Evaluation

Click ADD to fill in the form.
This is not mandatory for every student that volunteers with your organisation, but can be used to give useful feedback to the Ministry. Scroll down to the BLUE strip at bottom to find FAQs, An Orientation Manual Template or send a Complaint email to the Give Back Team.