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The Ashley Lashley Foundation

The Ashley Lashley Foundation (ALF) was established in December 2019 with the motto Let No Obstacle Be Greater Than the Cause, and has since maintained its commitment to building the framework for social development under four major pillars: environmental justice, health & wellness, children’s rights and gender issues. Our portfolio has steadily evolved since the implementation of our inceptive projects to accommodate the growing call for increased climate and human health literacy among our children and youth.
The ALF has expanded beyond our foundation projects such as the Schools Against Communicable Diseases (2016) and the Global Youth Network Summit (2018-present), to include more recent initiatives such as:

Healthy & Environmentally-Friendly Youth (HEY) Campaign (2020- present), which has become the organization’s fulcrum and is a Caribbean-initiated project with a global call for youth-led advocacy on climate change and health together in their diversity to promote and advocate for these shared values.

● Eco Active Youth (2022-present) campaign in primary schools, which sought to immerse the nation’s youth in enriching, expert-led conversations and activities surrounding sustainable living & healthy practices

● Barbados Youth Climate Action Summit and Expo (BYCASE) (2022- present), which provided children and youth with the opportunity to amplify the voices of children and youth in Barbados on environmental issues which affect Barbados and by extension the globe.


Activities Required
Assisting with the registration of schools and other institutions for the Barbados Youth Climate Action Summit and Expo.

Marketing and Social Media:
Creation of simple promotional graphics to be posted on ALF social

Chaperoning of student groups on the eco-tours.
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The Ashley Lashley Foundation

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