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Aquarius Watersports

For more than 14 years Camp Aquarius has provided children from the age of 4 to 18, with the opportunity to spend six weeks, becoming in tune with one of Barbados’ few natural resources:
the ocean and its near environs. We have also provided several generations with Learn 2 Swim training, and helped them to Learn to Swim in Life.

Our objectives are to encourage participants - both counselors/trainers and campers/swimmers - to think, speak and carry out actions which bring about rational, responsible and reasonable responses, so that they are:

  • able to focus
  • able to listen
  • able to observe
  • able to understand

We aim to help participants:

  • Build self-esteem
  • Develop leadership skill
  • Develop in-water proficiency
  • Develop confidence in the water
  • Develop competence in the water
  • Understand their limitations and learn to use their discretion.

We do this by using a variety of teaching tools, where campers learn to swim, kayak, snorkel and while understanding the value of our natural environment.


Activities Required
Basic Swimming
Protocol for teaching to swim:
Float on Back

Turning over unto back and front

Intermediate Swimming
Stroke correction.
What is it?
What to look for?
How to tutor teens?

Social Media
Taking video and still pictures
Posting to FB and IG

Admin/Covid 19 protocols
Taking register.
Taking temperatures.

How to board self and passengers on shore.
How to paddle and steer with self and passengers.
How to board self and passengers in water.
Kayaking safety.

Understand what are the objectives of taking participants into Bridgetown.
Understanding what to share with the participants as they paddle through the Careenage.

Contact Information

Main Contact
Phillip Lashley
Phone 2


"Round House" Bay Street, St. Michael